Hair Replacement Systems

Real hair exactly how you want it.


If you’re like most people, it means looking younger and feeling great about the image you project to the world. It means having a boost confidence in your career and in your personal relationships. It means feeling great about your appearance again!

Not a wig, not a hair piece, and a million miles away from anything resembling a toupee, hair replacement systems at NHC have helped thousands of men and women regain a full head of great looking hair. Today’s hair replacement systems are comfortable, lightweight, and completely natural looking. In fact, they are completely undetectable to both sight and touch.

Quite simply, no one will ever know you’re wearing a hair replacement system. You will, however, hear compliments on how great your hair looks!

You owe it to yourself to explore how the advancements in natural hair replacement can solve your hair loss challenges. We invite you to make an appointment for a free, no-obligation, one-on-one consultation with an National Hair Centers consultant. A complimentary consultation is the best way to have your hair loss questions answered and discover which option is right for you.

This is NOT Your Father's Hair Piece.

Are you about to get married? Want the confidence to get that promotion? Perhaps you just want to leave the house without yet another hat on. We understand! We help folks just like you solve their hair loss needs, every day! Why not pop in for a free consultation about your particular needs - you can have the hair you've always wanted in as little as two weeks!

This Bad Boy Stays On!

What kind of lunatic would jump out of a plane in a hair system??? One of the owners of National Hair Centers, that's who!

The biggest fear everyone seems to have about using a hair system is "It'll fall off." Sean's been telling clients how secure the systems are for day he decided to put his money where his mouth is and go wheels up to prove his point. Sean jumped out of an airplane wearing a natural hair system from National Hair Centers. He secured it using the same methods you will, there's no trickery here! So whether you're surfing during your vacation or saying sayonara to a moving airplane your hair system will stay put, no matter what kind of fun you get your new self into!

Contact us today so we can have you meet with the experts. What do you have to lose? The consultation is free so let's do this!

Hair Systems - Before and Afters

It really doesn't get any easier - no pain, no recovery time...just tell us what kind of hair you'd like and we do all the work!

Phoenix Magazine's Top Doctors

The surgeons at National Hair Centers have been featured in Phoenix Magazine's Top Doctors five out of the last six years!

Finding a great doctor isn't always easy - at National Hair Centers you can rest assured knowing your surgeon has been ranked one of the best in the industry!

Trusted Since 1975

Since 1975, National Hair Centers has been the “right choice” for hair restoration for people from around the world. Each year, patients travel from all over North America, Europe, South America and elsewhere to have their hair transplant procedures performed by National Hair Centers surgeons in our NHC’s state-of-the-art surgical center in Phoenix, Arizona.

NHC Surgeons are internationally recognized and highly respected for both their vast experience and their innovations to the field of surgical hair restoration. Among these innovations are the NHC exclusive Micro-Blending Method which allows for a more natural looking hairline and Follicular Unit Blending™ (FUB) which combines both traditional strip and advanced FUE procedures in a single surgical session. FUB allows more follicular grafts to be transplanted at one time.